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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most common questions!

How can this help my salon get more clients?

To increase business you need to BUILD UP A ORGANIC SEARCH PRESENCE for your Beauty business. You’re getting the best lead generation tool on the planet, not to mention you’re also gaining access to the first and only “Landing Page Technology” ever introduced to the Beauty industry.

Is Beauty Pros NEAR ME right for me?

If you’re someone who wants more out of life… absolutely. If you’re someone who expects something for nothing… this is not your thing. There is no value in free anymore.

What kind of customer support will I get?

The absolute best in the business. In addition to our ROCKSTAR LIVE SUPPORT success team, you’re also going to be supported by our TECHNICAL team. When you get started today you’ll never be alone again. We serve our Members 365 days a year, EVEN ON ALL HOLIDAYS!

How is Beauty Pros NEAR ME different?!

At BeautyProsNEARME.com, we are a Members-Only platform! That alone eliminates 99% of your competition in your city. Besides that we deliver an experience like no other. BeautyProsNEARME.com introduces the latest in technology for 2019-20. With our all-new, Full-Width page design technology, your page(s) will simply take your customer’s breath away.

How long does it take to complete a page?

In less than 5 clicks, you can get up and running with the most advanced Beauty platform EVER! Ready to customize, populate, and capture leads.

If I don’t love it can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely. There are no long term contracts and you’re welcome to cancel at any time, for any reason. That said, after you make this investment today, we believe you’ll be highly motivated to take this seriously. Let’s make you so successful that you never want to leave.

A BREAKTHROUGH WAY to becoming the busiest Beauty Salon in your city!

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