Why Salon Owners need Beauty Pros NEAR ME

Challenges Salon Owners Face:

Lack of customers due to:

  1. Never being found in organic search results (READ ARTICLE)

  2. No name recognition (obscurity)

  3. No real online presence

  4. Business Website too small to rank

  5. Business Website outdated (Poor Business Image)

  6. Small marketing budget

  7. Staff leaving for the competition

  8. They’re on YELP’S 40th page and will only see the front page (shared with others) by paying BIG BUCKS

Beauty Pros NEARME

How we solve their problems

  1. We get our Partnered Locations discovered in organic search results from day 1

  2. We increase name recognition from day 1

  3. We increase their online presence immediately (Organic search results)

  4. Beauty Pros NEAR ME has all the ranking power and will get their page ranked immediately

  5. We have the most advanced Technology and Software in the market so their page will have a modern look and feel

  6.  Our services fit everyone’s budget (3 Flexible Payment Options) UNLIKE other services, we serve a single location per city, so they’ll always be front and center in the public eye

  7. All Partnered Locations will become the busiest salons in each city, so the staff will not be leaving to seek more opportunity

  8. Beauty Pros NEAR ME’s commitment is getting our Partnered Locations discovered “EXCLUSIVELY,” with zero competition

Examples of work done for a Partnered Location

Exclusivity Comparison


  • Does not offer exclusivity

Beauty Pros NEARME

  • We grant exclusivity to all Partnered Locations

Technology Comparison


  • YELP has been operating with the same interface since 2004

  • GOOGLE still has the same old style format from when they started

  • No customization option (See it here)

Beauty Pros NEARME

  • BeautyProsNEARME.com introduces the latest technology and software for 2019-20.

  • Full-Page customization option – (SEE DEMO)

  • Custom Built Web-Page option – (SEE DEMO)

Annual Advertising Cost Comparison


Average annual cost: $5000-$25000

  • Itemized Cost

  • Contracts

  • Subject to price increases

Beauty Pros NEARME

Annual Cost: Flat rate $1495

  • No Hidden Cost

  • No Contract

  • Zero Price Increases over time

Customer Support Comparison


  • No LIVE ONLINE Customer Support

  • Call option only (Lengthy hold times)

Beauty Pros NEARME

  • LIVE ONLINE Support 7 Days A Week/365 Days A Year (Including all major Holidays)

Company Brand Name Comparison



Beauty Pros NEARME

  • While BeautyProsNEARME is our company name, “Beauty Pros NEAR ME” is a message that speaks to service clients in a way that BRANDED COMPANIES simply cannot

3 Categories of people we sell to in the Beauty Industry

Salon Owners w/employees


  • Can easily afford the $1495/yr
  • Contact information can be found on their website. PRO TIP: Email can be found on their FACEBOOK page.
  • Are always looking for NEW ways to bring in more clients.


  • Hard to get on the phone. EMAIL IS KING.

Independent Salon Professionals


  • Can easily afford the $375 Every 90 Days
  • EASY to get on the phone. You will get these owners by phone call or text every time.
  • Are always looking for NEW ways to bring in more clients


  • Working with a smaller marketing budget.

SUITE Landlords (Gifting to Independents)


  • Can easily afford the $1495/yr
  • Zero cost to all suite renters
  • Contact information can be found on Salon Directories Location page.
  • EASY to get on the phone. You will get these owners by phone call or text every time.
  • Are always looking for NEW ways to have a competitive edge over competing salon suites.


  • Don’t always want to advertise for their Suite Renters (It’s a NEW trend that they will have to embrace sooner or later)