Vice Versa Hair Studio Verified

Diverse Hairstylist


VVHS is a very intimate hair studio.

You will always encounter a one on one hair session with Tammy!

The environment is located in a community with nice attractions around it such as gas station, Library , Bruno’s Ristorante and small coffee shop.

Tammy is a very delicate stylist that pays attention to details and the needs of each client including children!

You will enjoy visiting!

Love VVHS 💎


Q What are the best hair products for my hair?

VVHS- Each client has different hair! Some are normal, Some have elasticity issues, some have a lot of breakage or severe dryness, some suffer from oily hair some have dry hair! The truth is you have to find a stylist that learns the problem and then recommend something once they learn the condition of your hair. I learn as clients come!. - VVHS- Stylist Tammy

Q Can I get my Hair-colored but it is damaged?

VVHS- I never recommend to color hair until we have build up your hair strength! Why damage it more. I recommend coming to get a 4-6 week treatment plan and reconstruction treatment going on such as 6 in 1! Stops color breakage!

Q Should I try a new look?

Yes! Change is good! Do not look the same when your life changed for the better or worse! Keep your image appealing. - VVHS -Tammy