True Lash

True Lash is a makeup and eyelash extension salon.  Kelsey travels for weddings, special occasions and photoshoots for makeup.  She has been doing makeup professionally since 2013, after graduating from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry from the Production and Creature Design programs.  Kelsey has worked with models, celebrities and brides, making everyone look and feel their best.  After years of makeup, Kelsey has added another beauty service to her bag of tricks.  She now provides eyelash extension services out of her salon in South Austin.  Here, she provides classic and volume lash extensions with the highest quality products and technique.  

Whether you want a glam look, scary clown makeup or you’re just tired of applying mascara every morning and want extensions, True Lash is the service for you! 


Q Do extensions damage to my natural lashes?

No! Your natural lashes will continue to grow and fall out as they naturally would. I will never compromise your lash health, so you can continue to have extensions indefinitely.

Q Can extensions be natural looking?

Yes, we can make your extensions as natural or as bold as you'd like. Lash extensions are really customizable from the type of lashes (classic, mixed, volume) the shape, length and curl. I listen to what it is that YOU want your lashes to look like and then after looking at your natural lashes, I will let you know my recommendations as well.

Q I don't want my makeup to look cakey; How do you do makeup on people?

I am not a fan of caked on makeup, unless I'm doing makeup for theater! My focus is on really pretty, natural looking skin and making your best features pop! To do this, I use Temptu airbrushed foundation, cream blush (to give a natural rouge), a touch of highlighter and bring the look together with however you'd like your eyes to look!

Q How often do I need to get my lashes filled?

This answer is based on how fast your natural hair grows and how well you take care of your lashes with aftercare. Typically I recommend every 2-3 weeks. This way I can remove grown out lashes and replace them and it also allows me to get you back to 100% full.