Welcome to The Shantastic Hair Life Salon! With its home-like, work-friendly atmosphere, The Shantastic Hair Life Salon is a private salon suite that is the perfect place for the busy, everyday women to come relax, work virtually, or just enjoy some good ole adult conversation all while giving her hair life. It is your number one destination for superb customer service, diverse styling options, the latest in healthy hair extension installs and more.

At The Shantastic Hair Life we know there is power in looking and feeling your best and that is why we are committed to helping our clients prevent hair thinning and hair loss in their earlier years.  TSHL create individual hairstyles for each client to bring about a whole Hair Life experience: creating hair that fits your lifestyle instead of you having to change your life to fit your hair. We are committed to providing an experience that enriches the client’s hair from the inside out and teaching client’s as they nourish and care for their body their hair will have life.


Q What is the Braidless Sew-in?

A microlinking weaving method used to help aid in adding fullness, length, or color.

Q What are microlinks?

Microlinks is the tool used to help create some weaving methods such as the I-tip install or the Braidless sewn method. Microlinks is also sometimes used to describe the type of service being provided.

Q What’s the difference between Microlinks and the Braidless sew-in?

Microlink installs in some cases can represent installs that involves the weft hair or I-tip hair install. It is important to consult with the stylist on the best method for you.

Braildess sew-in method is a link and sew method using weft hair extensions.

Q Is a consultation required for the braildess sew-in or Microlinks?

Yes, a consultation is required for these services prior to booking.