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The Lash Lounge Eyelash Tinting Plano Tx Extensions, Lifts

The Lash Lounge Volume Eyelash Extensions Plano Tx


Here, the eyes have it. And we’re dedicated to making your eyes more beautiful than ever with personalized lash treatments and brow services. Our precise process, expert training, and attentive service allow us to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Longer lashes? Our stylists assess your eye and face shape and lash thickness and length in determining which look would be best. (We can even remove previously applied extensions if you’re not happy with another salon’s work.) Bolder brows? Expertly performed microblading will give you the ideal shape and thickness for your face. Everything’s within reach. And it all happens in a salon space so soothing, you’ll leave feeling as refreshed as you do beautiful.

The Lash Lounge Volume Eyelash Extensions Plano Tx


Established in 2018.

The Lash Lounge, established in 2006, is recognized as a pioneer in the eyelash salon industry. As a leader in our market, we specialize in semi-permanent eyelash and eyebrow extensions, lash tinting, brow threading, and permanent makeup, providing a low-maintenance beauty alternative for our guests. Our award-winning salon design seamlessly blends an upscale spa feel with an exclusive cosmetics counter and private treatment stations to create a unique customer experience. The Lash Lounge’s Gold Standard of quality and customer service has set us apart and continues to guide our approach to treat every customer’s individual needs, leaving them feeling comfortable, confident and cared for.


The Lash Lounge came about as a result of what I would call two “light bulb” moments in my life.  I’m a firm believer that many things happen for a reason.  If you pay attention to the little signs going on around you, follow your heart and that inner voice, you are sure to find your passion around the next bend.  The first of my two distinct moments led me to discover what it was that I truly loved to do, what MY passion was…  The result ended with me making a big career change and taking a leap of faith into the beauty service and personal care industry.  I loved the feeling of providing a high-quality service for people and making them feel special.  I was licensed in massage, esthetics, permanent makeup, medical skin care and it wasn’t long before I came across the new service of semi-permanent eyelash extensions in early 2004.  I loved the way it transformed someone’s look in an instant, the low-maintenance benefit it provided of not wearing mascara and most importantly – I loved how it made my clients feel.  It was like I was applying confidence directly to their eyelids!  The second distinct moment in my life led to the creation of the first eyelash salon concept in the US – The Lash Lounge.  I had this wild idea that I could service more clients if I opened a salon that specialized in applying safe and customized eyelash extensions.  Our stylists were trained to be experts at what they did and soon our reputation grew as the place you could trust with your lashes.

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