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Best of Plano 2014, 15, 16, & 17:

“Thank you, Plano! I love having my own business and these past few years have truly been the dream. The support I have from my clients is humbling and the growth my business has witnessed has been a thrill. Starting your own business can be a little scary at times. I feel really blessed that everything has worked out and to now be bringing in clients from around the country and around the world! I love what I do and have so much fun helping people feel dynamite.”



What is the purpose of permanent makeup?

Good question! There are multiple purposes for permanent makeup that are becoming rapidly relevant to the climate of our beauty industry. Women who draw in their eyebrows on a daily basis, don’t like to leave the house without eyeliner on, or feel no look is complete without their lips lined, will find an investment in permanent makeup most profitable. If you are constantly using an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows or recreate your brows completely, then getting permanent makeup for your eyebrows will make your life more convenient and will allow a professional to give you the look you strive to achieve while also helping to give your face more symmetry. The ultimate purpose of permanent makeup, arguably, would be to provide yourself with a non-invasive, pick-me-up procedure that will help you to achieve an improved look that is both natural and doesn’t require surgery. In short, permanent makeup will make you look and feel more beautiful and be such a natural change that your friends might have a hard time placing what exactly it is that has you looking especially good today. Links to Seung’s before and after work are provided on the left-hand side panel of this page, please check these out and see for yourself how wonderful and natural her work is.

What is the microblading and powder technique?

We specialize in both of these permanent makeup techniques at our studio.

We make both techniques look very natural, the type you choose just depends on the style you are going for.

Microblading has become a huge trend because it creates the look of individual hair strokes. Using a very controlled instrument, the technician uses individual lines of ink to mimic strokes of hair.

The powder technique is the traditional technique and it achieves a look similar to the full brow achieved with brow makeup.

When you come in for your consultation, you and the technician can decide on which path is best for you based on the look you desire, your lifestyle, and skin type.

Currently, each procedure at our studio is $500. Some clients go for a combination of both techniques and pay $750.

What is the process?

Okay so, as a whole, the process includes a consultation, the procedure itself, and (for the majority of clients), a 8-weeks touch-up appointment.

For the most part, our clients book their consultation and procedure in the same appointment. However, if you are not 100% sure you want to do permanent makeup, maybe you have a lot of questions still and would like to get a feel for what the appointment would be like–it is totally fine to book your consultation separately and come in for your procedure on a different day.

During the consultation, we get to know your skin type, tone, and what colors will work best for you based on color theory. Seung will draw on the ideal eyebrow shape for you, often after measuring the dimensions of your face and taking into consideration any goals you express coming into the appointment.

She will take a few photos of you so that you can analyze the look in more than a mirror. Once you guys make any necessary adjustments and decide on a final look, then the procedure can begin!

If you book your consultation and procedure in one appointment, you pay a $50 deposit when booking which credits to your final amount. You pay your final amount post procedure.

Consultations on their own are $50. If you decide to book the procedure after your consultation, the $50 gets credited to your final amount.

The 6-weeks touch up appointment is $75.

How long does the appointment take?

If you book the consultation and procedure together, the appointment can take anywhere from 2 to 2 and a half hours.

A consultation booked by itself reserves 30 minutes.

Will I need a 8-weeks touch-up?

Most likely, yes. We say this because the vast majority of clients do. However! There are a select few that have a type of skin that is really great for retaining ink and they follow the aftercare instructions and voila! No need for a touchup!

That being said, it takes your skin six full weeks to completely heal. (This does not mean you will need to be in hiding for six weeks! No, most of our clients can walk out of their appointment ready to face the world.) During this six-weeks time, your body tries to repair the area of your face that it thinks has been damaged (by the needle). As this happens, it is extremely natural and almost inevitable that you will lose color.
Post procedure, your brow color will look its darkest in the first two days. It begins to soften and fade into its natural color as time goes on. You will typically know what your finished results look like at the 3- to 4-week mark. We absolutely cannot touch your skin with a needle until the six weeks is over; even if you feel healed, your epidermis is not ready.
The ultimate goal is to retain as much ink as possible. For this reason, when you come in for your appointment, we will go over the aftercare instructions with you in detail. (This involves avoiding working out/sweating during the first 10 days post procedure, staying out of the sun, etc.) Your body’s oils are already pushing the ink out of your pores–we must minimize this as much as we can.
As you lose color during your healing process, you can decide exactly what you want to achieve during your touch-up appointment. This waiting period is good for you. You can, like we said, decide what you want to add to or leave the same and your skin has actually become renewed and healthier. As you heal, your brain is actually triggered to send collagen to the damaged area and thus, when you come in for your touch-up, your skin is thicker and ideal for retaining ink.
After we see clients for their six-weeks touchup, we don’t see them again for a year, two years, three years–whenever they decide it’s time to come back in and revamp.
Will the procedure be painful?

Yes and no. Depending on the individual, the feeling can be described anywhere from mild discomfort to painful. This really depends on your pain threshold, but for the most part, the level of discomfort is not a problem for our clients.

We do numb the area of your face that we are working on. Sometimes we have doctors and plastic surgeons, or people who just feel that they would prefer the benefits of going all natural, that request not to be numbed. So they do the whole procedure without being numbed and are completely fine–if that helps put the pain levels in perspective for you. However, yes, the large majority of our clients choose to be numbed before. We have had several people say it feels like a cat is scratching their skin.

If I’m tattooing my face, will it look fake or overdone?

If you go to the wrong place, maybe. At Tashi Brow Studio, however, we value natural looks and therefore pride ourselves on how natural our results are. We measure the dimensions of your face during your consultation so that we can find the ideal shape for you as an individual and we pick the color of ink based on Seung’s knowledge of color theory and analysis of your hair and skin tone.

We value natural looks so much, that we will only continue past the consultation and into the procedure with you if we feel confident about the look that you want. If we don’t feel the look you would love to have fits your bone structure or the dimensions of your face, we may ask that you sleep on it to think it over or refer you to another studio.

Please go to Seung’s Before & After galleries (links provided in the left-hand side panel of this page) and see for yourself how beautiful and natural the results of permanent makeup at Tashi Brow and Skin Studio are. Seung is known as one of the best for a reason. Her work looks extremely natural and stunning. She has mastered the hair-stroke (also known as micro-blading, hyper-realistic, or 3D brows) technique, which utilizes a small needle to place thin amounts of ink onto the skin.

Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx
Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx

Here are just two examples of the look achieved with a hair stroke needle. The upkeep for this procedure is yearly, whereas the fuller look achieved with a regular permanent makeup procedure lasts longer because more ink is being deposited into your skin than with the thin hair stroke needle.

What is a good age to start with permanent makeup?

You have to be 18 years old to do permanent makeup. If you are under 18, you can receive permanent makeup services with a legal guardian present. Tashi Brow Studio emphasizes self-confidence and self-empowerment above all. So, for younger ones seeking the benefits of permanent makeup, we prefer that they have made this decision for themselves and that they truly feel that they would be happier with different-looking eyebrows. This is not plastic surgery. Wishing to correct poor waxing jobs from the past, over-plucking, or eyebrows that are naturally thin/arch-less, is not harmful to your body or self-esteem.

What can I hope to walk away with after investing in permanent makeup?

Confidence.  As the old adage goes, you can’t be happy with anyone else if you’re not happy with yourself.  Tashi Brow Studio is all about loving you. Sure, true happiness is multi-faceted and can’t just be achieved through a permanent makeup procedure (or maybe it can, Seung is pretty awesome!), but permanent makeup can fall under one of the categories that happiness encompasses: self-love!  You want to feel put together? You want to have some extra time in the mornings and not have to fuss so much over your look? Eyebrows compliment your face.  They help create a look of symmetry.  Seung’s clients tell her all the time that they get compliments on their eyebrows.  But that is not what people initially notice. They see your face and notice you look great, but–what is it that’s different? Good eyebrows are such a wonderful asset and can really revamp your look without being distracting.  Or they can be bold and demand everyone’s attention like, bam!  And that’s great too. (Think Cara Delevingne, Brooke Shields, Lily Collins.  Your look is ultimately up to you.  Changing your eyebrows with permanent makeup revamps your look in a very natural and classy way. Remember: Tashi Brow Studio caters to the individual.  Seung will measure your face, assess your face shape, and design brows that best compliment you.  Look at these women and the way their brow work with Tashi Brow Studio enhances their face:

Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx
Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx
Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx
Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx
if I bring in a picture of a celebrity’s eyebrows, can you duplicate the look for me?

Sure can! But the first question we will ask is if those eyebrows are good for your facial shape. As individuals, we are all unique. Maybe we take the arches as inspiration but tailor the design of the brow in a way that compliments you best. And if that means we duplicate their brows, then by all means, thank you Megan! Our goals are to achieve as symmetrical of a look as possible (depending on the muscles in your face, this is case by case) and to achieve a look that works in harmony with your personal dimensions. The consultation portion of your permanent makeup procedure is one of the most fun parts of your time with Seung! You learn a lot about your face that you may not have known before. This is great one-on-one time for you and Seung. She examines three separate regions of your face. She begins by using a small ruler to measure the distance between the various facial features within those three regions. By analyzing the resulting spatial relationships she calculates your most symmetrical look. Using this information, along with information from you about your skin tone and type, she will customize a brow shape and color that will help you achieve a symmetrical, beautiful look. In the picture below, Seung’s permanent makeup work helped this woman achieve a more symmetrical look than her facial muscles would naturally allow. Seung was so happy to work with her and help her achieve the simple balance she desired.

Tashi Brow Studio Best Microblading Plano Tx

meet your technician

Seung Szczechowski is an esthetician who specializes (and has exclusive training) in skin care, semi-permanent makeup, and the technical disciplines of eyebrow design. Her clientele ranges from plastic surgeons, pharmacists, OBGYNs, dentists and anesthesiologists to makeup artists, working moms, athletes, and office workers. Women and men of all ages, from all walks of life.  She is a certified member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, an organization that is recognized both nationally and worldwide, and she is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional. Beyond these formal certifications, Seung is also trained in neuromuscular therapy, which makes her proficient in understanding the way your muscles work–something that people tend to forget is the effect muscles have on your eyebrows and your lips, and your entire face! In short, she is the conductor of the look-good-feel-good train. And who doesn’t want a ticket for that?

Seung has 19 years of experience which includes several years of work at The Desert Inn Spa—now the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. This 5-star resort is where she received exclusive training on how to provide world-class service and care for her clientele.

But it is her unabashed passion for her customers’ total care and complete satisfaction that sets Seung apart from the rest. Being someone who loves to learn, she continually seeks out and attends seminars so that she is always on top of the latest products, state of the art technology, and current trends. All of these factors combined have Seung’s name growing bigger and bigger in the metroplex area.

She sees beauty in everyone and has a talent for bringing that beauty to light. We are all unique; Seung’s knack for showcasing the best you, will have you feeling confident, fresh, and radiant. As an esthetician, she has total confidence in her skill and offers the most extraordinary commitment to quality care. She relies on high quality products, machinery, and continuing education in this field–which in turn provides you with the highest quality treatment.


Tashi Brow and Skin Studio is conveniently located within Imagique Salon Suites:

8308 Preston Rd. Bldg. #200

Studio #258

Plano, TX 75024



All procedures include a consultation at the beginning of appointment.
If you need to book your consultation separately,
the consultation is $50.00 and will be credited toward your procedure
once booked.
  • Full Eyebrows (Microblading or Powder Technique)… $750.00
  • Full Eyebrows (Combination, Microblading + Powder Technique)…$750.00
Basic Eyeliner (top and bottom)…$650.00 
  • Thick eyeliner… $750.00
  • Top eyeliner only ….. $600.00
  • Bottom eyeliner only… $500.00
  • Lash Enhancement: $500.00 
  • Full Lip Fade… $600.00 
  • Full Lips …. $800.00 
Touch-ups apply to clients who have previously seen Seung.
All new clients must come in for a consultation before booking touch-ups.
-Eight-Weeks Brows or Eyes (One Time Only)…$75.00
  • Eight-Weeks Lip (One Time Only)…$150.00
  • Yearly Brows or Eyes…$375
-Skin Needling by Zone…$250.00
-Consultation (if needed before procedure) …. $50.00
($50 will be credited to next appointment if deciding to come back)
Color Correction…$250.00 Per Session