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Sugar Me Suite – Sugaring, Best Natural Hair Removal Specialist in Plano, Tx!

Sugar Me Suite offers an Organic Sugar Paste hair removal service experience, a less discomforting removal of unwanted facial and body hair. 

Sugar Me Suite offers a healthy alternative to waxing and at-home shaving. The ancient art of Sugaring helps to refine your facial and body hair, doubling as a natural exfoliator and leaving your skin feeling instantly smoother. Sugar hair removal removes the hair in its natural growth direction while serving as an ingrown hair solution.

Sugar Me Suite specializes in facial hair removal for females due to hormonal imbalances, PCOS, or ethnic hair growth and ingrown hair removal services for both males and females.

Sugar Me Suite offers Sugar Certification Classes for Estheticians and Cosmetologists. Get Sugar Certified…

Sugar Me Suites’ Esthetician takes the whole body, “inside out, outside in” approach to healthy, beautiful skin specializing in Professional Organic Corrective Skin Care, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Cosmeceuticals, European Standard Cosmetics,  and lifestyle coaching with a focus on diet relating to specific skin conditions. Niki’s door is always open for a professional consult or just to chat.

Sugar Me Suite: Sugaring, Best Natural Hair Removal Specialist in Plano, Tx!

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Q What is Sugaring?

A. Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a sugar paste
made from lemon, sugar and water. The paste is applied with a
molding technique onto your skin against the direction of the hair
growth and flicked off in the direction of the hair growth, extracting unwanted hair. This method leads to less breakage, ingrown hairs, discomfort and irritation. You are left with gently exfoliated soft and silky skin.

Q Who are the best Sugaring Candidates?

A. Sugaring can be performed on all skin tones and skin types.
Body Builders, Athletes, females and males.
Anyone sensitive to waxing, razor burns or razor bumps, ingrown
hairs, thinning skin from aging or skin care product use.
Feminine facial hair due to hormonal imbalances, PCOS or ethnic
hair growth, pre and post tattooing and body art.

Q How do I prepare for my sugar appointment?

A. First, breathe and relax, sugaring is one of the most gentlest
forms of hair removal. There is a level of discomfort because the
hair is being extracted from the root. I use several different
techniques to reduce the discomfort level as much as possible.

Stop shaving for at least a week to ten days so there is enough
hair growth for extraction.

Please do not exfoliate the day of or the day before your sugar

No tanning (sun or bed) 24 hours prior to service if you are
sunburned the service can not be preformed.

Q When should I wait for my next appointment?

A. Hair grows in 3 growth cycles so for the first 6 months it is
recommended to book your follow up appointments every 2-3 weeks with the approximate hair length of 1/4 of an inch. This allows the hair to be on the same growth cycle and leads to hair growth reduction.

Q Is a brazilian sugaring recommended on my monthly cycle?

A. It is a personal preference, the skin may be more sensitive but if
you are comfortable the service can be preformed but a tampon
is recommended.

Q Can I sugar if I am using Acutane or topical Retinol products?

A. Absolutely not, these products causes dryness and thinning of the
skin and there is a risk of skin damage, it is recommended to be
completely off these products for at least six months to a year.

Q Should I exfoliate before my sugar service?

A. Stop any exfoliation 24 hours before your service, this includes
any skin care products with retinols, cleansing brushes like
Clarisonic, scrubs, or exfoliating masks. I recommend 48 hours
prior to your appointment to use a gentle exfoliating mitt or dry
brush to lift any hairs that may be growing flat to the surface of
the skin.

Q What should I do if I am proned to ingrown hairs?

A. Exfoliation and hydration will be your best friends, 48 hours after
your sugar service use an exfoliating mitt with your gentle
cleanser and hydrate with fragrance and dye free moisturizing
lotion. Sugar Me Suite carries a full line of natural aftercare products, bamboo body polish, moisturizing lotion and ingrown hair
treatments for home care purchases.

3 Reviews for Sugar Me Suite

rubyscion91 1 Reviews
Great Service

I’ve always been curious about getting a Brazilian but didn’t want to use a harsh method like waxing (I’ve tried waxing on my brows and face and let’s just say…whew chil’!) especially on such a sensitive area. A friend suggested I try sugaring and I found Sugar Me Suite online. I was able to book an appointment online within the same week. I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment and met Ms. Nikki! She was on time, profesional and very welcoming. She thoroughly explained the process before starting as well as throughout my session. Her space is clean and inviting. During the process, there is discomfort but not unbearable. I am very pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to my next visit!!

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twilson.misc5 1 Reviews
Amazing Experience

Nikki Colts has an amazing gift of creating an experience of peace, relaxation, and revitalization. My experience with her ultimate facial was no less than phenomenal. I walked out feeling energized. My skin was glowing and youthful . But more than that my soul was refreshed. Thank you Nikki for a wonderful experience. Tonya Wilson – Atlanta Georgia.

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Ambercedwards61 1 Reviews
Best sugaring experience

If you have any unwanted hair, you must see Niki. She is kind, informative, and patient. She got me hooked on sugaring my underarms, that I now use her for facials. And she has hooked up my skin (I get compliments on my skin daily).

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