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Best Salon Suites in Plano, TX!

Style Salon Suites Best Salon Suites in Plano TX!


Hello Beauty Professionals!

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My name is Tracy Vuong, I’m the owner/manager of the Style Salon Suites.

I started this salon suites business because I love to be around and work around other service providers like one big family where clients find all their beauty service providers in one convenient place.  Unlike other salon suites managers at many places around in town, I’m always available and stand behind my tenants to support them in many different ways to grow their business.

At Style Salon Suites, we promote an upbeat, happy, drama-free atmosphere, and family-like environment while helping each other build and grow business.


There are private suites as well as booth rentals available at Style Salon Suites.


If you are new to the beauty profession and are hesitant to take the big step of being on your own, ask me about our commission to rental option. I’m here to help you do whatever it takes to launch and support your success.


Give me a call, I’ll guide you the rest of the way!

Why Choose Style Salon Suites in Plano TX?

Style Salon Suites Best Salon Suites in Plano TX!

Style Salon Suites Best Salon Suites in Plano TX!

Rent a Private Salon Suite for Your Beauty Business

 Located in a thriving area of the city a Private Salon Suite from Style Salon Suites, Plano TX is the perfect solution for beauty professionals to own their own business without the upfront costs and risks associated with building and running a salon.

For a very affordable cost, Health and Beauty Professionals can have a private salon suite that is ideal for different specialties ranging from Hair, Nails, Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Industry Consultants, Retail Professionals, Tanning Salons, Microblading/Permanent Makeup Artists and others

50% Off First 3 Months (Time-limited offer)

 Your Private Salon Suite measures a MASSIVE 12ft by 8ft with a 10ft high ceiling for a comfortable, airy feeling.  All leases are month to month with no long-term contract locking you in. We offer low lease rates to keep your overhead down and your profits up.

  • Free utilities included (Electric, water, wifi, heating, a/c)
  • Up to 3 Weeks Rent Vacation a year.
  • Core Beauty Equipment Provided
  • A free week for every successful lease referral
  • Freedom to pick and sell the products YOU want to use and keep 100% of the profit

Private Salon Suite Marketing

Regardless if you’re just starting out or have an established clientele every beauty professional needs marketing. We are at a great location surrounded by thriving businesses on a busy intersection that attracts walk-in clients. We don’t leave marketing to chance and our private salon suite renters also get these benefits

  • Free Online Booking App
  • Detailed directory listing on our website
  • Front of house and telephone booking service (only $10 per week)
  • Decorate your Private Salon Suite to match your brand

Private Salon Suite Customer Service

Key to your beauty business success is excellent customer service. Our Private Salon Suite service has your clients satisfaction built into its core. From the moment your client arrives our professionally trained receptionist makes them feel welcome and guides them to you or our comfortable seating area until you are ready.

  • Ample free parking spaces ( clients love this!)
  • Free bottomless coffee
  • Acoustic privacy for client comfort
  • Cable TV service available
  • Female and Male Bathrooms
  • Fully wheelchair accessible

Your Business. Your Way.

Style Salon Suites believe you should run your business your way. Our Private Salon Suite service is an excellent option for beauty professionals who want to immerse their clients in a fully branded experience away from the noise and distraction found in a salon setting. We also cater to beauty professionals who enjoy the buzz and activity of a group salon setting with our salon chair rental and salon chair commission options. Please call for more details.

Style Salon Suites Best Salon Suites in Plano TX!

Service Providers



Eyelash Extensions

Hair Removal


Permanent Makeup/ Microblading

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