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Hydrate, Correct, Renew

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SKIN by Allison: Best Microdermabrasion, Facials, Chemical Peels in Novi, MI!

Hydrate, Correct, Renew!

The Cycle Of A Facial…

  1. Immediately after – Your skin has been thoroughly cleansed & exfoliated, it will immediately radiate a healthy glow!

  2. 48-72 Hours – Circulation has been boosted from the exfoliation + massage and will assist in generating new healthy skin cells.

  3. 28-48 Days – Most of the immediate benefits of a facial have faded at this time. New skin cells are regenerated and come through healthier than the cells before, due to the increase in care and circulation that occurred during your facial.

  4. 4-6 Weeks – Time to schedule your next appointment to start the process again and give the next generation of cells a fresh start!

“Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s her Esthetician.”

2 Reviews for SKIN by Allison

walkersavlla16 1 Reviews
Thee Best! 🙂

You don’t just get a great facial, you are educated on how to receive and maintain healthy, glowing skin … from products to what your triggers of breakouts might be! I recommend Skin by Allison, book now!

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asiahgaddy713 1 Reviews
THE best!

I have been a client of Allison for a year now and she never seize to amaze me! She loves what she does and will never disappoint you, ever! A confidence booster for sure + the best service! Book now!!!

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