At a young age I knew I loved anything artistic. From art and music, to even nature and it’s amazing beauty. It was all an artform. Around the age of 10 my mom’s hairdresser saw that I had an eye for art as I was watching her color and cut my mom’s hair. She said “Look at her… she is going to be a hairdresser one day!” At the time I thought she was crazy (being a tomboy and all), but highschool came, and I was the one always coloring my friends hair, and even my own! My passion started then, but I have never forgotten that hairstylist who saw my passion before I did. Doing hair is truely an artform. I always want my clients to know I will always listen, and give my advice so in return my artistic ability can give them the best result. As Kristy Fidanza once said “your hair is your best accessory”, and I want to make your accessory beautiful and unique.

In my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, going on hikes and bikerides with my friends and husband, and dabbling in painting and drawing.