Reflection Body Studio

Weight/Inch Loss Service

We at Reflection Body Studio use an innovative program of Electro Muscle Stimulation and Diathermy pads to give you FAST inch loss results.

Here are some of the advantages of completing a package:

• No downtime, results in just weeks
• Inch Loss
• Tightens sagging muscles
• Relax and reshape your whole body
• Helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscle
• Reduces waist size
• Postpartum toning
• Soothes tension and pain
• Reduces pressure on joints
• Re-educates damaged muscles


Q Does it Hurt? Is it uncomfortable

No. It is surprising at first, but within 10 minutes max it becomes so relaxing.

Q How does it work?

Faraday current stimulates exercise without being physically active
by contracting and relaxing the motor points of the muscle.

Q How long before you see results?

You'll see results as FAST as the end of Trial session.