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We have multiple beauty services in one convenient location. Hair, skin, nails, tattooing, eye lash extensions and more.

Phenix Salon Suites: Best Luxury Salon Suites for Rent in Lone Tree, CO!


Five Reasons Why Phenix Salon Suites is Different

1. On-Site Support – We make sure you know you are appreciated every day not just when you are signing a contract. We don’t get in your way but we do work with you from before you sign to the day you leave to make sure your stay is as easy, professional, profitable, and fun as it can be. Others hand you support via a web page or a stack of papers and say good luck. We stand by you. We support you. You are a person to us not a renter that will never see the landlord or hear from them unless you owe them rent.

2. Google Placement of your Business on the First Page – We work to get you noticed as one of the Top People in Your Profession. You’ll be on the first page of Google searches as one of the best professionals in our industry. Our social media team will work behind the scenes to get you results. We work for you to get your new business!

3. One Price for EVERYTHING – No Nickel and Dime for Landry or Furniture or Sharing Your Suite. It’s One Price That’s It.

4. Shorter Term Contracts Contracts – No long term commitment. We want you to stay and be happy. And we feel so sure about it we don’t lock you up to 1 or a 2 year contract that are good for the owners but not you. We put our contract where our mouth is.

5. Benefits that show we get what your life is like – Paid off maternity time, paid off bereavement time, low cost annual conferences in Las Vegas featuring live training, individual Google listing, and Phenix branded products. We understand what support you really need and want.


At Phenix Salon Suites, we provide the framework and structure to help you launch your business while you concentrate on growing your client base, network, skills, and income all in an upscale, professional setting.


Phenix Salon Suites is a premiere “boutique salon suite concept” that offers luxury spacious salon suites for the independent salon professional and others. Our suites offer salon and business professionals the opportunity to own and operate their own salon type of business without the hassle and expense of facility management and maintenance.
  • Named to Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchise List, Phenix Salon Suites is riding a rocket of success
  • National exposure through tv and media
  • Phenix Salon Suites is the only Salon Suite / Studio concept to make the top 500 Ranking by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Phenix Salon Suites is changing the Salon Industry. Founded by a family of Salon Professionals with over 85 years of Salon Industry experience, Phenix Salon Suites is poised to be the premier provider of Salon Suite concepts throughout the United States and Internationally. With over two dozen salon Professionals within the family, Phenix Salon Suites has a first-hand understanding of the Salon Industry.


Are you ready for Success? Freedom?

Come Join Us. Your Suite Awaits you!

Services include but not limited to: hair care, nail services, tattooing, microblading, eyelash extensions, skincare, med spa and more.


Q "What does a salon Suite Cost?"

How Much Does a Salon Suite Cost?

That is the most asked question we get from stylists. The best way I can answer this is by saying all salon suites are not created equal.

Some charge for laundry, furniture, utilities and sharing a room. Those cost are the same no matter the size of the room, making smaller rooms much more expensive at the end of the day.

Not all suites are the same size. Our singles run 110 to 120 sq ft and doubles go from 160 to 220 sq ft. Others may offer as small at 80 sq ft for the same price as we do.

At Phenix Salon Suites, we believe that we offer the best prices and the best service. All of that equals the best value for you and your business. And if you like us and show us a better offer we will beat it.

Our move-in specials are so good because we believe that once you are with us you will want to stay with us.

So, come take a tour and learn why our professionals think the decision to come to Phenix Salon Suites was the best business decision they ever made.

Q How do I book an appointment with a salon professional?

All professionals run their own business so you can book directly with them by visiting our website.