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Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore, CA!

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Phenix Salon Suites: Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore, CA!

Phenix Salon Suites Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore CA

Phenix Salons in Livermore Welcomes all Salon Professionals

Phenix Salon Suites was established by a family with over 85 years in the industry and is poised to be the premier provider of Salon Suites concepts. We, at Phenix, have a passion for providing the support needed to help Salon Professionals succeed. The real reason for our success is that we put the salon professionals first in making every decision! This is a heartfelt principle for our business model that works.



Our suites offer salon and beauty professionals the opportunity to own and operate their own salon type of business without the hassle and expense of facility management and maintenance. We are not just about “renting space”. We understand what you, the salon professional, are looking for and provide the family culture that you have been seeking. Phenix Salon Suites welcomes you to a cozier, more relax upscale setting with a luxurious “spa” feel, where you can concentrate on growing your client base, network, skills, and income. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the family.

Phenix Salon Suites Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore CA

Phenix Salon Suites Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore CA

We Provide the Essentials

We have installed individual thermostats for AC/Heat in each suite so that you can control the temperature per your client needs. Every suite is available pre-furnished at no extra charge. Suites for Hair Stylists include a Styling Chair, Shampoo Basin, Mounted Cabinet(s) and Rolling Station. Nail Suites include Nail technician Chair and Table, Client Chair and Pedi-Spa Unit (negotiable), Faucet Sink and Mounted Cabinet(s). Suites for other salon services (i.e., non-hair and nails) are equipped with a Faucet Sink & Mounted Cabinet(s)

Endless Ways to Customize Your Suite

Phenix encourages its Salon Professionals to fully customize their suites with paint, artwork, additional furniture or whatever else you can dream up!

Over the past few years, the “Suite” concept took the salon industry by storm. It’s easy to see why.  While Salon Professionals receive a much better value for their money, their clients love the private experience that the suite provides. Everyone loves that there is no more “salon drama.”

Phenix is the recognized leader in the Salon Suite industry and the ideal business partner to salon Professionals who are ready to take control of their careers and to benefit from:

  • Luxurious, boutique suites, reflecting your unique style in a spa feel environment
  • Private workspace designed by you exclusively for your clients
  • Freedom to set your schedule and select products at your choice
  • Essential equipment provided to reduce start-up costs
  • Individual thermostats for AC/Heat in each suite
  • No long term commitments through a month to month leasing
  • Work independently or share a suite at no additional charge
  • FREE cutting-edge education for hairstylists
  • Become a paid member of our National Education Team and earn extra income
  • Superior High-Quality Salon Product Line and hair color available to you at exclusive conditions
  • Caring franchise owners embracing your needs 24/7
  • Join us in supporting cancer research and other causes of concern
  • National branding and marketing to help promote your high standards

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Phenix Salon Suites: Best Salon Suites for rent in Livermore, CA!

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Best Salon Suites in Livermore!

Phenix salon suites in Livermore is by far the best place to run your beauty business. The place is clean and the décor is first rate. It’s a great atmosphere and everyone is very welcoming. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to rent a salon suite in Livermore!

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