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Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves, Braids Dallas Tx

Nikki’s Hair Designs & More is a small salon located in Dallas, TX and conveniently situated near several major highways for easy access. Since we are a small salon, we are particular in the products and techniques we use and have a close relationship with our customer base that is comprised primarily of long-time repeat customers. We are always happy to add to our list of clientele, and we offer a discount of 20% off new clients! Simply give us a call to schedule a consultation or your next appointment.

Our experienced, professional stylists are experts in dreadlocks, weaving, relaxers, and natural hair. We offer solutions for hair loss and restoration, many different types of weaves and braiding, extensions in both human and synthetic hair, dread locking by chemical-free or chemical methods, fusions, and also natural hair care. Our stylists are experienced with all types of hair textures, lengths, and styles, and they stay educated on the newest innovations in hair care and styling.

Our experienced stylists can offer consultations on the best products for your hair, address any problems you may have, offer perm, color, or dread advice to prolong and care for your new style, and provide counsel on any concerns you may have about an installation or treatment.

If you are looking for a salon to take care of your hair on a regular basis, or a master stylist to create a look for a special event, Nikki’s Hair Designs & More is the place to go. For a portfolio of our work, please browse our site.


Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves Braids Dallas TxAt Nikki’s Hair Designs & More, we create stylish, artistic, and creative styles in a variety of braids, weaves, perms, and dreads. Our master technicians are experts at restorative hair care, extensions, fusion, cornrows, twists, braiding, weaves, hair growth, and perms.

Our stylist, Nikki, has been professionally working with hair for over 10 years and is an expert working with the many different textures and unique needs of African American hair and can listen to a client’s unique desires to create a masterpiece with colors, perms, extensions, relaxers, and weaves. She is a master at taking a lackluster head of hair and poor style and transforming it into a stylish work of art.

Located in Dallas, TX, we are easily accessible from several highways and have convenient hours, including evenings and Saturdays.

Our motivation is to see our customers walk away looking and feeling great. With expert stylists to install your next weave, perm your natural hair into a relaxed or dreadlocked style, or any other hair design need, our salon has the tools and the experience to provide you with the look you want and the expertise to make it happen.

With the constant change of trends and styles, our artists are always looking to make sure your own personal style shines through, as well as making sure you keep up with the most current and fashionable styles. Our stylists are always happy to give a consultation to help you find your next new style, and new clients receive 20%

Hair Weaves

Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves Braids Dallas Tx

There are many types of hair for weaves available and the experienced stylists at Nikki’s Hair Weaves & More in Dallas, TX are experts at working with natural hair to give you a style that will make you look and feel good.

Hair can be both human or synthetic and some types can be used for several installs and color treated. African American women have many different textures of hair but there are also many different types of weave hair that can go well with just about any texture. The most common types of weave hair are Eurasian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, and Brazilian.

• Eurasian Hair—Has a smooth, thick, silky texture and is ideal for a relaxed look. This hair comes from individuals who are from a mixed European and Asian descent.

• Peruvian Hair—Is multi-purpose and is highly sought after because it blends wonderfully with both relaxed and natural African American hair. This hair is light weight, luscious, and the perfect combination of relaxed and course.

• Indian Hair—Is thick with a deep natural luster and is very textured and comes in several styles from tight curls to straight. This type of hair tends to be low maintenance and easy to care for, and looks very natural.

• Malaysian Hair—Is best suited for women with fine, silky strands and those who have relaxed textures. With a beautiful luster, it is soft and very manageable.

For African American women, Brazilian hair has the best texture. It has the sought after fullness and thickness to lend itself to any style. Brazilian hair just looks and feels good.

Regardless of the type of hair you select for your next appointment, come in and meet with one of our experienced stylists for expert advice, hair restoration, hair styles, and hair weaves in Dallas, TX. We look forward to helping your hair shine!

Hair Braids

Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves Braids Dallas Tx

At our braiding salon in Dallas, TX, we provide professionally installed, high-quality hair weaves and braids for all types of hair types, colors, textures and lengths. Braids can be used to transition hair from relaxed to natural, weaved in to conceal hair loss, or simply to create a new look.

Hair braids come in several different types, with many applications and uses. Some are better suited than others for individuals, but all have their own unique style and beauty. A few popular examples are micro-braids, box braids, kinky-twists, tree braids, and corn rows.

• Micro-braids—This style is quite popular right now and attracts a lot of attention. Micro-braids are tiny hair braids that are usually braided half-way and then the hair is left to flow freely.

• Box Braids—Or individual braids are free-standing braids that are done either with or without extensions. This is the classic three section woven braid.

• The Kinky-Twists—This style of braid is made of two tightly twisted strands that are twisted together to form a dreadlock-like braid.

• Tree-braids—This style consists of small cornrows that run along the hairline from the front of the head to the nape of the neck, weaving in hair extensions to add volume and give a flexible, manageable hairstyle.

• Corn-rows—Narrow rows of closely braided hair that generally run from the front of the head to the base of the scalp and are popular with both men and women’s styles.

Before you get braids installed, you always want to make sure you have prepared your hair beforehand. You want to wash and condition your hair as well as detangle it before your appointment, which will result in healthier hair under the braids and a more efficient braid time.

Our Dallas, TX salon has the expertise and experience to offer you professional advice on how to properly care for your hair and address any concerns. Call Nikki’s Hair Designs & More salon to make an appointment soon.


Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves Braids Dallas Tx

Dreads, also known as locks or dreadlocks, are matted coils of hair. Typically dreadlocks are formed intentionally and can be done with methods that encourage the formation of dreadlocks, such as backcombing, twisting, or using a crochet hook to form knots. We are a full service dreading salon in Dallas, TX and work with natural hair to create the dread style you want.

Many people wonder about the length their hair needs to be in order to create dreadlocks. It differs regarding what you are wanting, but ideally at least three inches of your natural hair is needed to dread.

There are three main methods of dreading that you can do in our salon: Natural dread, Dread Perm and Dread Extensions.

• Natural Dread—This is a no chemical method. This method uses backcombing using a specifically designed beeswax product just for dreading hair. This method is best suited for coarse, wavy hair texture and cannot be used for thick straight hair.

• A Dread Perm—This is the ideal solution for individuals with thick, straight hair who want dreadlocks with their own natural hair. It is a perm applied to the hair to create dreads, and there are different ways to create unique, stylish dreads with this style of perm.

• Dread Extension—This is where hair extensions are used to create the dreads for those with short hair, unsuitable hair texture, or just to create a fun style.

Dreads are often viewed as an expression of unique character, style, or just as a different kind of design to do your hair in. Dreads do require special care and treatment to properly form.

To make well-formed dreads call Nikki’s Hair Designs & More salon. Also talk to our stylist about care instructions to preserve your investment.

Nikkis Hair Design Best Hair Weaves, Braids Dallas Tx

What customers are saying

I’ve been getting my hair braided for years and this by far has been my best experience. Nikki was so professional, friendly and funny. She brought along her daughter and we spent 6 hours talking and laughing and before I knew it, my hair was done. I look forward to seeing her in 10 weeks because as it stands now no one else will be touching my hair except for her! Thanks Nikki!!

~Bella Boo

Nikki is amazing, I am so happy I found her. I look forward to visiting to get my dreads retwisted. She has a loving and warm personality that makes you feel at home. Her shop is clean and you never have to wait. She is super accommodating and truly cares for your hair. Make an appointment with her and you will not be disappointed.


I moved to Dallas two months ago and I experience four different hair nightmares. I was looking for someone that could do small dreadlocks. I had sisterlocks installed and they turned out pretty bad and extremely tiny. So tiny I was afraid I was going to have breakage. I wanted to get them wrapped and combined if necessary. I kept getting told, yes I can do that for you. After those other appointments, my hair was a mess. I started to give up on finding someone that would do right and not just take my money. But I wanted to try one last time. I contacted Nikki and she had me come in first to look at my hair before telling me she could do it. After looking at my hair, she told me that she could do what I wanted. I was worried about going through another bad experience. Nikki told me, “I got you.” She did test lock so that that I could see what it would look like. It was exactly what I was looking for. I was comfortable with her and she was very friendly. I made an appointment but I was still nervous. At my appointment she explained everything and answered my questions without getting frustrated. My hair turned out awesome! I made my appointment for my maintenance and will be going to her from now on. I never give out business cards or reviews. But I have done both. Nikki is the nicest person that I have met in Dallas so far. She is professional and she cares about her clients and how they walk out of her shop. If I could give her more than five stars, I would. Thank you Nikki, I appreciate you!

~Tia Bond

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