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Nails & Spa – Tiana Nguyen – Best Nail Technicians in Dallas, Richardson, Tx

For over 23 years I have enjoyed doing my business from California to Dallas Tx! I have a manicurist license through the Cosmetology State Board since 1995.

For my job to work and serve clients “Lady or Gentleman” I understand, to be honest, keep things clean and safe, to prevent disease for clients. After services are performed, all instruments are washed thoroughly with soapy water and bleach.  Sanitation and sterilization is my first priority!

I have a private room with a quiet atmosphere so you can relax while getting your pedicure and manicure services done. I also have a comfortable spa pedicure chair using disposable liners for each client. I wear gloves and use the best brand name Nail products such as OPI-ESSIE- VINYLUX-CDN-GENEX-SNS-NUGEMESIS and many more!

I specialize in the following services:


Nails & Spa Best Nails Technicians Dallas Richarsdson Tx

Soak in warm water with aromatherapy sea salt, carefully trim toenails, push up cuticle trim if needed, following with callouses removed – Soothing facial mud with warm towels – hot rocks massage and toenail polish. ”



Nails & Spa Best Nails Technicians Dallas Richarsdson Tx

Trim nails if needed, shape-file, soak in warm soapy water, push up cuticle carefully, and trim if needed. Also buffing-hand massage-nail polish- and paraffin if desired.


Less chemical dipping powder, I use the best brand named product such as Nexgen SNS, & many more to give a set of beautiful nails. Pink & White color, solid color, or multiple colors available. They will look shiny and stay on for up to 2-3 weeks. Hand massage if desired.


No chemical used, just an overlay on your real nails or tips extension with special clues & silk material, will not harm your nails bed, a set of nice nails makes your hands look beautiful. Hand Massage if desired.


Soak your nails in soapy warm water, push up cuticles trim if needed, apply gel color on your nails, can do PINK & WHITE or solid color, hand massage. Paraffin if desired. Will last up to 2-3 weeks.


Apply on your own nails or tips extension, can do Pink & White color or in regular color. Will last up to 2-3 weeks.

When the time comes, any service from above, looking for reliable Manicurist, please call or send a text message to Tiana Nguyen at Tel: 469-360-4255


Salons by JC

7602 W. Campbell Rd. #12 Dallas, Tx 75248

“Walk-ins welcome”

Nails & Spa – Tiana Nguyen – Best Nail Technicians in Dallas, Richardson, Tx

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Millee A 0 Reviews
Tiana does beautiful Nails and pedicures

Tiana just does such beautiful nails and pedicures I just have to give her 5 stars. I like her sweet personality. She is on time and her salon is very clean. All the tools she used are sterilized and in sealed bags, Her spa chair has disposable liners. She is very careful in trimming and filing the nails and with bunions and calluses. I love the look of pink and white nails. We used to do acrylic and now she switched me to NexGen which is thinner and lighter. It is less chemicals and smell. She dips on nail at a time. Her nails last me 2-3 weeks. I get so many complements on my nails. I like that she is on time for her appointments. I would highly recommend all of her services. You won’t be disappointed!

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Jan Sullivan 0 Reviews
A Professional

I have utilized the manicure/pedicure services of Tiana for almost 15 years. I find her dependable thorough, and excellent at what she does. She stays on top of trends and products. My preferences cover silk wraps. My nails never break, chip nor discolor. I would recommend her services. You will be pleasantly surprised at her expertise.

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0 Reviews
I always love my Nails and pedicures from Tiana

Tiana is very professional and does a spa pedicure with salt scrub, soothing mud and hot towels. Her tools are all sterilized and in pre-sealed bags. The spa chair has disposable liners which I like.. My nails will last 2-3 weeks! I usually do pink and white acrylic but this last time I did the pink and white dipping. They feel lighter and look thinner. They have stayed on great and its been 2 and half weeks! I am very picky about my toe nails and she is so careful when she works on the toenails. Always lots of colors to choose from too. I highly recommend and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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