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Hello, my name is Brenda (Taylor) Sanders, I have been doing hair over 25 years.I still have a passion for it I Love!!! how hairstyles have evolved into art it’s almost as if you are creating or making a sculpture with hair. Hair is now a blank canvas & you can paint or color it any color you desire, it’s just fun to imagine how created you can be as a stylist today. I truly believe that whatever you do you should represent you I believe not only should hair look & feel good it should also be Healthy & that means we should always maintain a healthy scalp that that increases hair growth & healthy hair & even if we are wearing weaves or extensions you should also take care of your hair underneath the weaves. I’m  truly interested in continuing my educations in hair & just maybe the next step for me is styling men hair its called the men units it’s taking men hair to the next level & building their confidence also that not only are women trend setters but so are the men  & if women can change & add hair extension I don’t see anything wrong with men grooming themselves & adding to theirs I aim to please so lets see what the future holds under this umbrella called Hairstyling I believe the sky is the limit on what  you can do as a Stylist