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Total body revival.

Jade Massotherapy offers an alternative wellness approach to achieving maximum healing in the body, caused from physical or mental stress. Jade Massotherapy gets its name from the jade stone which is known for its supernatural healing powers. It is said that anything or anyone that it touches will be blessed and healed. Jade is a symbol of growth, vitality and longevity. Throughout the world, the jade stone is used in treatments to drain the lymphatic system, and increase blood circulation. It also reduces tension in the muscles. Jade is the stone of purity. It cleanses the heart chakra of heavy, empty, negative feelings and nourishes it with an abundance of love, gentleness, balance and harmony as it energizes you back to life.

My name is Cara, and I believe that through this alternate healing strategy we can accomplish a total body revival. I am a medical massotherapist licensed through the Ohio State medical board. I specialize in techniques such as Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue Release, Sports Therapy, Reflexology, Thai (deep stretching), Lymphatic Drainage, Kineseo Taping, Cupping and much more. I have 8 years experience performing massages and 7 years in the field of medical massage. I have been very blessed with the knowledge and experience I’ve obtained this far and am working towards studying for even more continuing education certifications. I believe you can learn something new everyday! I am so grateful for all the clients throughout the years that have become more like friends and family to me. If I’m not working you can find me with my wonderful husband and our 2 crazy boys hanging out or serving at our community church.

My passion for massage drives me to go over and beyond for those who seek medical attention and healing, contrary to what Western Medicine leads us to believe. The body has the ability to heal itself in most situations and massage is a great aid to accelerate this recovery process. I look forward to working with you and building a better alternative wellness routine in your life!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the scheduler, feel free to email or call/ text me.


Total body renewal after making a visit to Cara. I went in with my hip hurting for what had to be a year or so from sitting at a desk at work and through her care I was healed from all the pain. She is professional, has become a great friend, very knowledgeable and aware of the person that is laying on the table and their needs. She’s gained a client for life and I’m appreciative of her.


I had an hour long full body massage and it was one of the best I’ve had. Cara knows where to concentrate on target areas even though I didn’t think I had any particular sore areas. She is a true professional. The experience is always enjoyable.

Lori Verchio

Cara gives an AMAZING massage! She has gone over and beyond to help me. There has been so many occasions when I have been in pain from an injury and Cara worked on me and got me back on track. She is extremely knowledgeable of anatomy. Cara is truly gifted at what she does!

Patty McGuire

Cara is ABSOLUTELY the BEST at what she does! she is very knowledgeable about massage therapy and all of the techniques that go along with it! Cara is very professional and her space is relaxing, clean and inviting ! I can’t wait to book my next appointment!

Megan P

Cara is an absolutely amazing medical massage professional. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology positions her to solve any problem I have brought to her over the past 6 years! I highly recommend Cara for anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort of any kind!

Patsy H

Cara is absolutely, positively amazing. I’ve been to many different masseuses, some specializing in sports massage, and she is my go-to gal above the rest. She truly knows how to get in there and work out deep kinks and knots. So thankful to have found her!

Katie S

Cara was great at listening to issues I was experiencing and trying to find the source. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a solution to an ailment.

Sarah Lang

Went to see Cara for a prenatal massage. I’ve been hesitant to see anyone while pregnant, but Cara was not only personable and very attentive to where I was feeling pain, but was genuinely knowledgeable in her technique. My neck tension and back and hip pain were relieved. I highly recommend Cara and am so glad to have found her!


Cara is a true professional who is passionate about her client’s well-being and goes above &beyond standard treatment! After a magnificent massage, she sent me video links to exercises to help with my medical condition.

Bridget R

Cara is truly a talented massage therapist- she has helped me recover from injury, notices minor adjustments that PT and others don’t, an still manages to make me feel refreshed and relaxed when I leave.

Stephenie S