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Healing Through Wellness: Best Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage in Austin, TX!

I became a Massage Therapist to offer relief from tired, achy, sore muscles. For others to find relief from stress and overworking of their bodies. I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2007. I have added to my knowledge with Aromatherapy.

I offer Swedish Massage, light to firm pressure. I offer Therapeutic and Relaxation massage.

Aromatherapy is offered to calm and relax the mind and body. My Swedish sessions can be relaxing, and/or therapeutic, for a total body experience of relaxation and healing. My Swedish is very relaxing, yet it can be very Therapeutic without the pain of Deep Tissue.

Clients come to me for relief of sore muscles or tension/tightness in their bodies, to relax and heal.

I am located in South Park Meadows in South Austin. My office/suite is located just off S. Congress and Slaughter Ln. There’s ample parking. I offer late appointment sessions so you can come in, relax and go home to enjoy the full effects of your massage.

Text to book an appointment or inquire about availability. Discounts are available. 1 hr sessions start at $85, with first visit discounts of $10 off. 90 min and 120 min sessions are offered, also.


Q Am I covered during my session?

Yes. You are always covered with a drape/sheet, and it's your option to have a blanket over the drape.

Q Is Swedish Massage always for just relaxation?

No! A Swedish Massage session can be therapeutic, as well as relaxing. I use varied pressure to insure that you receive the massage you desire, and need. Swedish can be a very light touch, or can be very firm pressure.

Q Do I have to disrobe?

Yes. In Swedish Massage the client disrobes to their comfort level, and are always under a drape. If you're wanting work on your shoulders/back area, it's advised to remove all clothing above the waist, to insure the session can be beneficial to working on the shoulders, back and neck.

Q Do you offer Same day appointments?

Yes. Sam day appointment times may be available, just text to see what's available that day. Though making your appointment in advance is always advisable.

Q Are Walk-Ins accepted?

Walk-Ins aren't available at this time.