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Gorgeous by Doris, Best Hair Extensions Specialist in Dallas Tx!


Hi! I’m Doris and I specialize in Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Hair Dreams Microline, Hair Dreams extensions, and Hot Heads. I can make your hair fuller, longer, and more beautiful by using the best product to make you look even more beautiful than you already are. Not only do I put them in, but I’ve been wearing them for over 5 years – so I understand and appreciate the difference having beautiful hair makes. I also understand the importance of providing you a welcoming, private experience when I explain the options you have available. You can ask me any questions and know that your comfort and privacy is my top concern.

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Learn About Great Lengths

Why Great Lengths:

Doris has been wearing different brands of hair extensions for years. This is some of what she has learned from her years of experience:

  • A set of professionally installed Great Lengths hair extensions will not harm your natural hair. This is important for anyone, but especially if you want extensions because your own hair is damaged or it grows slowly.
  • Great Lengths has five standard lengths of hair: 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24-inch lengths.
  • Great Lengths extensions come in over 40 colors to blend together to match your hair. (Click here to go to the page of available colors!)
  • Great Lengths has the longest length of 100% human hair available – 24 inches.
  • Doris guarantees the high quality of her Great Lengths work.
  • If you search on the Internet for hair extensions, you will find dozens of techniques and brands of hair. Doris has learned through years of experience that only genuine Great Lengths hair extensions will suit her demanding clients. Hair extensions are a luxury. And, like any luxury item, they should deliver high quality for the price.
  • Some clients only wear extensions while their natural hair grows back out after an unfortunate haircut or if their hair was chemically damaged. Some clients wear them for years because they like the added thickness and color options. Others may wear them only for special occasions like weddings or prom.
  • However long you wear extensions, it is important that your own natural hair is not damaged by the process.
  • By choosing Great Lengths extensions, you can be sure that you can go without them, should you choose to do so.
  • Whatever your reason for buying and wearing extensions, what matters most is how they make you feel. Great Lengths do not drop hairs out of the bonds to “shed” when you brush your hair, which has been the case for other products Doris has tried.
  • Great Lengths do not need harsh chemicals to apply or remove them.
  • While a client is wearing Great Lengths, she is still able to swim or straighten her hair without fear that her hair will suffer a chemical meltdown.
  • Something to consider: Not only should the color of your extensions match that of your natural hair exactly, but the overall look and feel of the bonded hair should match your own hair as closely as possible. Great Lengths excels at this by offering five standard lengths (8-inches, 12-inches, 16-inches, 20-inches, and 24-inches) and over 40 colors (with more colors being created all the time).
  • Every Great Lengths color from deepest black to brightest coppery auburn to lightest blonde is of high quality in any length you choose.
  • Finally, suppose your dream is to have waist-length hair. You can do this with Great Lengths! Their maximum length is 24 inches — quite a bit longer than other hair extensions systems that use 100% human hair.
  • To find out more about Great Lengths, go here: www.greatlengths.com
  • When you’re ready, call Doris for a free consultation to find out if Great Lengths extensions are a good fit for you. While you’re there, take a look at the Great Lengths extensions she wears in her own hair every day!


How do I book an appointment with Doris?

Simply dial 214-552-7435. Doris is available to schedule a personal consultation where she will discuss your current style and desired end result. She will be glad to answer any questions you have about any part of the process.

Am I a candidate for Great Lengths hair extensions?

The hair in the crown area (on the top of your head) needs to be at least three inches in length. Also, although rare, there may be health issues relating to your body and your hair that may prevent hair extensions from being an option. If you are unsure whether or not you are a candidate for hair extensions, call and talk with Doris.

How long do Great Lengths extensions last?

Other than normal hair loss, your extensions will last approximately 4 to 6 months with proper home care.

Can you match my hair?

Great Lengths extensions are available in 45 classic colors, from blondes, reds, and brunette tones to deep, rich black – and the Great Lengths company is still designing more colors. Combined with Doris’s own expertise in coloring and cutting, you are assured of a perfect match!

How do I maintain my hair after I have Great Lengths hair extensions?

Great Lengths extensions are treated much the same as your natural hair. Certain brushes, shampoos, and conditioning products are recommended. Putting your hair in a loose braid or scrunchee at bedtime helps discourage tangling while you sleep.

Can I swim and do normal activities?

Yes, after the application is complete, you will receive a home care maintenance sheet so you will know the best way to care for your Great Lengths extensions.

Can my hair be colored at the same time?

It is recommended that hair be colored or touched up a minimum of 48 hours prior to application of extensions.

Can Great Lengths hair extensions be styled with heat rollers, curling iron, or round brush?

Yes, but make sure to keep the heat at least 2 inches away from the Great Length bonds.

Does anyone ever really get those wild colors?

Yes! Anything from one wild, hot-pink streak hidden among your hair to a full head of shocking blue is possible. I can even match prom dresses!

The Great Lengths Process

How to set up the initial consultation:

  1. I think you should start with a little research. Look up different types of extensions and compare costs. Write down any questions you may have. At no point during any consultation should you ever feel rushed, intimidated, or pushed into buying something you do not want.
  2. Call Doris and tell her that you are ready to find out more about Great Lengths extensions. Schedule a free consultation. Pick a morning or afternoon when you have 20 minutes to spend getting to know Doris and letting her get to know you and your hair.
  3. Style your hair normally when you go to the consultation. If you want to change your hair color, tell her during the consultation.
  4. Think about long you want your hair to be. Doris can show you where different lengths will fall and help you pick the right length to suit your face and your lifestyle.

The night (or morning) before your appointment:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly. There is a special residue-removing shampoo made by Great Lengths available for sale in the salon, but any shampoo that removes residue should work just fine. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use a conditioner of any kind — including the leave-in kind. Conditioner will keep the Great Lengths bond from gripping your hair strands properly.
  2. When you get to the salon, Doris will brush out your hair and check your hair’s current condition. If your hair needs washing because you just couldn’t make it without mousse (it happens!), then she can wash your hair using a special shampoo to remove all traces of residue that might prevent the bonds from adhering properly.
  3. The color of the extensions should be an exact match. If there is a difference, then Doris can put highlights in your hair to help it all blend together. This can only be done before or about a week after the extensions are installed. The best time to let Doris know you want highlights is before she starts attaching your extensions.

During the process:

  1. Let Doris spoil you! Relax and have a cold beverage and maybe some chocolate. Watch the wide-screen TV reflected in the mirror. If you have any requests for your favorite shows while your hair is being done, let Doris know. She also has movies and you can bring your own DVDs.
  2. The first time you have a whole head of extensions done, it can take four or more hours, depending on the thickness of your hair.
  3. Maintenance visits (in which Doris removes grown-out extensions and attaches new ones) can take about an hour and a half, depending on how much work you need to be done.
  4. The entire process starts when you are caped and sitting in the chair. Doris clips the top of your hair out of the way to expose the back and sides where your extensions will be attached.
  5. Then, she takes a small lock of your hair and clips a small plastic circle around it to protect your hair ans scalp. Then, she holds the extension onto your hair and presses the protein bond with the Great Lengths attaching tool. This device is only warm enough to melt the bond, not hot enough to burn your hair. After only a second or two, she rolls the bond between their fingers to wrap it securely around the lock of your hair. Then, she removes the plastic circle and moves on to the next lock of hair.
  6. When it is time to remove a grown-out extension, Doris applies a bond-removing solution and the extension is removed without damaging your hair. Your hair is never pulled any harder than you pull it yourself when you brush it or clip it back.
  7. After all the bonds are attached, you get to see yourself with long hair! And then, just as if you grew the hair yourself, Doris trims and styles it into a flattering long-hair style for you.

How to maintain your Great Lengths extensions:

  1. IMPORTANT: Don’t wash your hair until 2 days (48 hours) after your extensions are attached.
  2. When you sleep at night, either loosely braid your hair, pull it back, or put it up on top of your head with a soft scrunchie.
  3. Brush your hair every day. Use a brush with stiff enough bristles to make it through the hair.
  4. When you wash your hair, don’t pile it up on top of your head and scrub it around like they do in shampoo commercials! This causes tangling and tugging at tangles can shorten the life of your extensions – and your real hair. Instead, squeeze the shampoo gently through your hair a section at a time and rinse thoroughly.
  5. WARNING: Don’t use strong dandruff shampoo on the bonds! It can weaken the bonds and make them slip before their time. There are other anti-dandruff products (Neutrogena has a spray one) that can be used to spot-treat your scalp if necessary.

Great Lengths Colors

Due to the differences in how different computers display colors, these swatches represent an approximation to the colors of Great Lengths hair extensions available.

Doris will custom-blend these colors when you visit the salon to order your extensions.

(Click image above to enlarge)


The MicroLines system is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on top of the head for people who have thin hair or even advanced hair loss.
Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, so-called “MicroLines,” which have high-grade 100% human hair attached to it, are applied your hair. The hair is matched in terms of color, texture, and length – and it can be gently integrated into your own hair strands. The MicroLines blend perfectly into your own hair for a completely natural and voluminous hairstyle.
The MicroLines system is attached permanently and can be worn for many months. Unlike traditional hair pieces, MicroLines can be worn without limitations in lifestyle – you can continue swimming, going to a sauna, riding in a convertible, etc.
The MicroLines system is perfectly adapted to each client’s individual hair situation. Customized solutions are available even for special hair problems, such as bald spots.

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Gorgeous by Doris

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Gorgeous by Doris, Best Hair Extensions Specialist in Dallas Tx!

What customers are saying

My hair had always been fine and lacked body. Great Lengths allowed me to obtain the fullness and body as well as the length that I have always wanted. It is easy to maintain and I love the looks and styles I can achieve. Doris is great and makes you feel very special.

Myra D.

Plano, TX

Compliments! Compliments! Since wearing Great Lengths my friends and business associates say I look ten years younger! My hair is thicker and has more sheen than when I was twenty! I wear my hair short and it’s sassy!

Alice S.

Irving, TX

I can’t say enough to express how much I love Great Lengths! My hair always looks healthy and beautiful and it so easy to maintain. Doris has changed my life. She is truly gifted and loves what she does. I feel lucky to have found a way to have great hair. I love Great Length extensions and I will never let anyone else touch my hair!

Kimberly F.

Plano, TX

I am thankful for the day I picked up a copy of Inform magazine and read the article about Great Lengths. I have always wanted long and beautiful hair and Doris showed me how to achieve my dreams. It is easy to take care of and Doris is great at what she does. I will always come to Doris for my hair and will always wear Great Lengths.

Diane N.

Frisco, TX

I love Great Lengths! I have always wanted my hair to grow, but always ended up cutting my hair. I now have long, beautiful hair and it is so easy to take care of thanks to Doris!

Dorothy N.

Frisco, TX


Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX

Gorgeous by Doris Best Hair Extensions Specialist Dallas TX


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Doris Medina Morrow was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and lives there with her husband. She has 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. But don’t be fooled by her blonde hair, big smiles, and sparkly pink glasses – this proud Grandma rides a Harley! When she is not styling hair, can be found sailing on her family’s sailboat, playing golf at the local country club, or riding her white Harley throughout the greater Dallas countryside.