Founded and run by female entrepreneur Sabrina, Gently Lashed provides high quality lash extension services that empowers all people in the Atlanta area to feel effortlessly beautiful inside and out. With a keen understanding of the latest techniques and a passion for safe, effective methods, Gently Lashed produces reliable and stunning results through meticulous attention to detail and a warm, personal touch. Gently Lashed’s clean, professional yet welcoming studio is based in Atlanta, Georgia and provides flexible scheduling that caters to the individual needs and busy lives of each client.


Q What is the overall process of lash extensions?

Lash extensions is when a synthetic lash is placed onto one natural lash. The bottom quarter of the lash extension is lightly glazed with specialized glue and is ready to be placed on to the lash.

Q How long do lash extensions (a full set and fill) typically take?

A full set takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the type of lash style you get.

As styles become more intricate such as volume lashes, it does take a greater amount of time to create a clean, and neat set of lashes.

A fill-in typically takes 1 hour since it comprises of taking out out grown extensions and a thorough cleanse of your lashes. This is to ensure that your lashes are kept healthy and are ready to take on freshly placed extensions!

Q What materials do you use? How can you evaluate and guarantee quality of lashes and materials?

The materials I use for my lash extensions are vegan and cruelty free products.

Back in the days, a lot of lash technicians used real mink. Along with that came with irritation or allergic reactions. Thankfully with the new developments, technology and ethical perspective in mind, many companies now use synthetic mink.

Synthetic mink lashes mimic the light feathery weight and soft texture of a real mink hair!

Q How long do lashes last?

Lash extensions last for 4-6 weeks. 4 weeks for those who have a faster lash growth rate and 6 weeks for those with a slower lash growth rate. With proper care, and avoidance of rubbing your eyes, your lashes can last for a long time!

Lash lifts last for 6-8 weeks. By the 6th week mark, the curl starts to unravel and return to your natural' lashes’ shape.

Q How often should people come in for fills?

I recommend people to come in for their fills every 2-3 weeks, because 50% of their lashes will be remaining by that time period. Fills are relatively cheaper than having to purchase a full set every time. Not only that, but fills help maintain a fresh look of lashes every time you come in!

Q Who is the best fit for Gently Lashed services?

Anyone is fitted for GentlyLashed services!

It is particularly great for those who are either: Always on the go (Moms, Working early or night shifts (Nurses, Teachers, Consultants, and these are just a few examples!)

Q How can people prepare for their lash extensions?

There is no preparation needed other than:

No eye makeup

No contacts

Avoid water on lashes after 24 hours the appointment

Q What are no-nos for lash extensions?

Avoid oil cleansers on the lashes (this will affect its retention rate)

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Avoid sleeping face down onto your pillow

Avoid pulling out lash extensions / removing them out yourself

Q What are your top five tips for people getting lash extensions for the first time?

Do your research. Find out what kind of style you like and look at your lash artist’s portfolio. Is their work very natural? Dramatic? Messy? Neat?

Comb your lashes regularly to keep them neat and in place!

Keep your hands off your eyes. Natural shedding occurs everyday (about 1-3 lashes per day), so let those extensions stay on!

Relax & trust your lash artist!

Enjoy the process! Trying new things can always be daunting yet exhilarating. With your new lashes, you’ll feel like a new woman.

Q What is the best way to contact/book an appointment with you?

Please contact me via my website:
All inquires must go through my website.

You can submit a request there and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours!