FireBody Reverse Institute Verified

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

FireBody/Reverse Institute: Best fat loss, skin tightening in New Braunfels, TX!

The FireBody clinic specializes in helping people not only look their best, but FEEL their best.  There isn’t a clinic around that can help you heal from the inside out like we can.  Improve your health and eliminate wrinkles at the same time!  Our technology helps to immediately remove fat layers, tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles, and our knowledge and Functional Nutrition approach will help reverse chronic disease, pain and inflammation while stimulating weight loss.  Try us, I dare you.


Q Are your fat reduction treatments safe?

Yes, FDA approved offering immediate, painless and permanent fat loss in a targeted area.

Q How many treatments would I need?

Everyone is different but each treatment is effective and most people see and feel results even after the first one.

Q How do you treat diabetes or disease?

I use a food is medicine approach, which is far more effective than conventional medicine. No drugs, just removing the poison that is making you ill. My patients can attest to the effectiveness of this approach.

Q What about lose skin, is there anything you can do?

YES! Most people don't realize your skin cells can be healed, naturally. No creams or surgery. Just restimulation - check out our results and see for yourself.

Q What do you offer for weight loss?

Our 30 day program will change your life forever. Not only will it help you shed extra weight, it will teach you in a fun and interactive way how to never diet again.