Hands are vital extremities that humans often take for granted. Using her 14 years of experience and her passion of working with hands and the humans attached, Elizabeth Simonds, reignites the passion between the two, making the human fall in love with their hands once again through services such as manicures, pedicures, application of acrylics, hard gel, gel polishes, nail art and more. Elizabeth will not only remind one of the true beauty of their hands, but they will also see the full potential their hands are capable of.


I have been using Elizabeth’s nail services since 2007. Her salon is my favorite place to go. Elizabeth is wonderful, upbeat and she produces great work. She is friendly and engages me each time in lovely conversation. The massages she gives during the mani and pedi are totally out of this world. She keeps her service area very sanitary and presentable at any point in time. I will be using her services for a very long time and recommending her to all my friends too

Nalini Lyer

Elizabeth does amazing work! I have been going to her for over 2 years and will never go anywhere else.

Tara Ormiston

Elizabeth always does a fantastic job! I always get compliments on the detailed designs that she is so good at!

Annie Meisenheimer

Amazing work, done by a smart & passionate person who is only satisfied with perfect beautiful work !

Kelly Robins

Very professional and friendly. Elizabeth makes sure you are getting exactly what you want and makes sure you leave happy. Can’t wait to go see her again!!!

Jami Weaver

BEST nail place in Idaho, not kidding. Elizabeth is amazing and I had the best experience. Nails are all the same length, etc. She is full of wise words, is very detail oriented and the place is super clean and cozy. Thank you girl!

Maddie Munson