Esthetics by V

Eyelash Extensions and Powder Ombre Brows

Here at Esthetics by V I offer Eyelash Extensions and Powder Ombre brows so you can ditch the makeup and practically wake up and go. I know how time consuming it can be waking up in the morning and having to fill in your eyebrows, put on eyeliner and or mascara, and everything else. Having eyelash extensions and your brows already done saves you so much time getting ready. You can ditch the makeup or just put on light makeup and call it a day. 

I offer Classic, Hybrid, and Volume sets. Classic is one extension attached to one natural hair, Volume is handmade fans that are light enough to put on a natural lash but will give it a fuller look (I recommend volume for those with more sparse lashes), and a Hybrid set is a mixture of both for those who like a combination of both. Having worn eyelash extensions for a few years now, I can say that I absolutely love how they have cut down my getting ready routine in the morning so I am able to get some extra sleep!

I also offer Powder Ombre Brows, which is now getting more and more popular these days. It does not cut as deep as Microblading and heals into a powdery look (as if you filled in your brows with makeup). It is also not the same as eyebrow tattooing which is done with a traditional tattoo gun and tattoo ink. I also use a Permanent Cosmetics Pen as opposed to a tattoo gun that is used for regular tattooing. I use inks specifically made for eyebrows. I would recommend this service to anybody who is tired of filling in their brows daily and likes the makeup look. This procedure can last from 1-3 years, depending on skin type, healing, and aftercare. Please feel free to ask any questions or contact me for a consultation.