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Vaginal/Yonie steam Paint and sip

Creative Path 2 Wellness, vaginal and penile spa services serving the Triangle and surrounding areas.

About vaginal/penile care

Vaginal Wellness (Steaming) has been performed as a ritual for womb-mym’s health by indigenous cultures for centuries. Vaginal wellness or V wellness, also known as Yoni steaming, is used as an alternative treatment where a man or womb-mym sits over a pot of warm water that’s placed in a box for safety containing natural herbs such as lavender, chickweed, motherwort, red clover, raspberry leaf, and wormwood.

Steaming has been practiced since the Ancient Kemetic Era (Egypt) and in other varies Afrikan Tribes, Asia and Central America. Today you can still see this practice and even several Day Spas that offer vaginal wellness as a means of self-maintenance and self-care for men and womb-mym.

V& P Steams for men and womb-myn

Origin of life/Divine Passage to Life 

Included are several different types of herb blends based on client concerns.

What we offer:

Packages: Labs, Wellness &  Womb-mym (Steaming) Male & Female fertility, Hormone Balance, Women’s Health, Micronutrient Testing, SportsNutrition, Testosterone, Weight Management.

Origin of life & Devine passage of life

Bam Bam spa- Known as Vaginal or Yoni Steaming 

Included are several different types of herb blend based to address the concerns fill out with on the online form provided to the client.   

 $60/30 mins

Couples: Womb-mym steam bath for couples.

$80/ 60 mins

Creative art Paint and sip pamper party (groups)

Group session discounted.

What’s included:
– Creative Art session based off a Theme, ****If you would like a specific theme please let me know 3 days ahead of time to prepare****
– Goody bags
And Lots of Fun


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