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Aura Emergence –

Let yourself EMERGE into great health!

A holistic treatment center for the whole body without leaving your home.

Feel more at ease with your body, mind, and soul when you turn to Aura Emergence in Garland, Texas.  Learn techniques to mitigate pain, decrease anxiety and bust through stress from a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

I have helped many people manage chronic pain issues without using drugs, assisted with healing various skin issues and provided proven techniques to manage stress. Book with me to today to get your life back and let yourself EMERGE!


Q What is color therapy?

Color Therapy is a noninvasive therapy that uses the healing energy within the visible rays of light to improve one’s health. Being a complementary therapy, it works well with other holistic treatments. As a color therapist, I will introduce the optimum balance of color energies into your system to promote healing and energetic balance.

Q What is crystal healing?

Stones and gems are living entities in that they emit powerful vibrations and frequencies that affect our whole being. They can heal, balance, and attune all aspects of our life—body, mind, and spirit. Each crystal has its own resonance or frequency. By choosing the correct crystal family, you can target systems in the body to promote balance and healing. Crystal Healing involves the selection of the right minerals for your needs and the alignment of your vibration with the mineral.

Q What is Chakra Balancing?

The human body is made up of several energy centers called chakras. When our chakras are out of alignment, our life force energy will not flow correctly. Having a blockage in our energy flow can cause a variety of health issues.

Q What services do you offer?

I am Board Certified in Holistic Health through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am a trained professional in Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, Stress Management, Chakra Balancing, Herbalism and Aromatherapy.

I am also an Ordained High Priestess of the Goddess and available to Officiate weddings and handfastings.

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Talia 1 Reviews
Stress relief bath bombs

Anastasia hand make her bath bombs….I always get the stress relief. I just love how the scent lasts in my bathroom for over a week. She also, so personable very kind and knowledgeable with giving Holistic ways to change your life style to healthy. Thank you, Anastasia.

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