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Best Microblading Studio,Waxing in Orland Hills, IL!

Aloha Beauty Spa: Best Microblading Studio, Waxing in Orland Hills, IL!

Have thin eyebrows or no eyebrows?  Want fuller, natural-looking eyebrows but don’t want the hassle of filling them in every single morning.  Are you tired of brow penciling daily and want an easier alternative , then you will benefit from microblading.  

     Microblading is tattoo artistry of the eyebrow region.  It is your answer to a more beautiful, symmetrical and richer eyebrows.  It could also be known as Micro-shading or micro-feathering.  

Services I also offer:

Microblading   $150

**First 20 people  will receive 20% off of Microblading services. 

Touch ups @4 wks-

Aloha Facial (60 mins) +non chip Mani    $100

Aloha Facial (60 mins) + Body massage (30 mins) + non chip Mani $130

Aloha Facial (60mins) + Hot stone body massage  (30 mins)  $120