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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an apparatus for detecting a position of a sweep magnet in a magnetron used for microwave ovens and TV receivers, and more particularly to an apparatus for detecting a position of a sweep magnet with which a speed of movement of a sweep magnet is obtained and the sweep magnet is controlled to be stopped at a predetermined position.
2. Description of the Related Art
A multi-functional microwave oven will be described as an example of the prior art.
The microwave ovens have been recently commercialized as a cooking apparatus. The microwave oven combines heat and moisture, so that it has a function of cooking by heating food to be cooked and thus cooking food from within. It does not use water, so that it has a non-toxicity and a safety of no risk of fire and thus can be easily used by children.
The microwave oven controls a microwave oven body so that the microwave oscillator is turned on when the door of the microwave oven is opened or the microwave oven body is turned on.
In a cooking mode, the microwave oven controls the microwave oven body so that the microwave oscillator is turned on only during a period of time of cooking, stores food in a cooking chamber of a cooking oven, heats the food stored in the cooking chamber of the cooking oven and makes the heated food be kept hot in the cooking chamber and the food which has been cooked and heated is discharged to outside through an open section formed in the cooking chamber.
In addition, the microwave oven is provided with various additional functions, such as a reheating function of heating the food which is warm and has been previously heated, a defrosting function of rapidly defrosting


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“Minigolf is a cerebral game and has a reputation for being a harder version of golf. Players are not typically allowed to take shots while the hole is still under construction, and must instead close their eyes and focus as they swing, aiming to get the ball into the hole in the precise spot. It’s a tense game, which offers players the chance to strategise while building their own miniature course.
In Mondealy Serial Key, players control a chubby little character as they race across eight rounds of the game. Players collect power ups to trigger special effects that move the course around, warp in opponents and add to the player’s score, or – most excitingly – build a completely custom course of their own design. Mondealy features over one hundred different power ups and the ability to add Lego bricks to the course. As with other minigolf games, players can put their course to the test against other players through the use of ‘Mondealy’, a leaderboard-based challenge mode.”

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You can play either as the Entente or the German forces, each having two different sides of the story. Play with the Entente or German player deciding first which side to play, and then choose from a list of scenarios, playing them against the AI. The forces of one player do not play against the forces of the other side, so you can use the game to learn the battle of East Africa in a scenario’s context, before playing it out against a human opponent.
Realistic & Close to the Real Life & War:
The battle of East Africa is much more war than a simple wargame. The forces are supplied by both the Entente and German Imperial forces, and one has to decide how to make use of that advantage in the ongoing campaign. War is short in Ostafrika 1914, but it is bloody and engaging. You get to the level of detail and realism that matches that of the most important campaigns of WW1.Coffee & A Thought: Modernity and the Measurement of Time

An artist’s rendition of Albert Einstein (left) and Percy Bridgman (right), the founder of modern physics.

John KruzinskeA new exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is showing off a now-youthful portrait of Albert Einstein, created in 1925 at the age of 50. Of course, if you think about the things that lie ahead for the 21st century, you can’t help but get excited – as you do every time you read the headline of a new study, every time you watch a new movie, every time you listen to a new song, every time you read a newspaper, every time you turn on a television.

This is where an intellectual history comes into play, and an explanation for its return after a long hibernation (or even recent resurgence). Of all the “modernizers” of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the one man whose name remains etched into our history the most is one who put us on the path to modernity – and, perhaps, a liberal constitutional democracy. We know that he was Jewish, with a Provençal surname. We know that he was born in a place called Ulm in southwestern Germany in 1879. We know that in the midst of the WWI, and as a professor at the prestigious Swiss federal Polytechnic Institute, he came up with a theory for changing the atomic structure of matter, something that could not have


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    degehic was the Gibbon’s antineaume who first set fire to the staircase, spread a rue to lick up the floor and moved on to the next, because he was a Gibbon and that’s what Gibbons do.

    You see, the tabloids very badly got it all wrong by alleging that the “mindbending weight” was my personal luggage, which is not at all the case. The tabloids are not wholly honest, and I’m sure they didn’t have local knowledge about Tasmania, a very remote and one of the least visited states of Australia. The misconception arose because on the second or even the third floor you have an “open plan living room” where you can sit down and read, and where empty suitcases could be viewed from the ground floor.

    True, the weight of my luggage is a concern, but so is a wedding, and when you see me at the bottom of the make-believe staircase down from heaven, you’ll see that I’m no lighter now than when I arrived.

    So, if I win, the money will go back to my family. For some years, a letter from my mother was the only greeting from home I got, because she’d been transferred to the chilly Lord Howe Island in the south of New Zealand. Now, she can afford a lottery win for me to help with a pre-nuptial education fund for my elder son, which will make it easier for her to find a good man when I’m dead and gone. The eldest son has three children, and I estimate that the money will last for the life of the eldest child and the ensuing (but not much longer) parents’ (Sheldon’s) pension.

    I won’t object to my mother sending money through the government; my sister has a similar set-up. However, there’s an important difference between Sheldon and I. The person who’s transferred the money to us will be paying the overseas postage to us, whereas Sheldon will be taxed to death. There’s a question of fairness here; and if my family had lived in the UK, and we’d set up a will, and Sheldon had died, they’d have had to pay the tax on the money to him in the UK.

    Unfair, you might say. But if Sheldon had died and I’d had to claim back tax, he’d have let me pay the death duty and income tax that his money paid before he died, in the knowledge that I’d be


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Sun, 10 Aug 2017 23:24:17 +

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 4000+
Windows 2000 or higher
Video Card:
VGA compatible video card with 16 MB video RAM and 1024*768 pixel resolution or higher. The gameplay must be tested at a 1024×768 pixel resolution and 4xAA or higher.
Hard Drive Space:
2GB of hard disk space
9.0c, 9.1c, or 10
Additional Notes:
The program needs the following libraries in order to work correctly:


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Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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