How To Build A Salon Clientele Fast in 2020

How To Build a Salon Clientele Fast in 2020!

You’re thinking about renting that space but your clientele base is not yet where you want it to be. Even worse, your online presence is non-existent. You’re tired of working for someone else but not sure if now is the time to go it alone. Remember all the work you put in, in cosmetology school? Yet, your clientele is suffering and you don’t have an online presence. Building a strong clientele base takes time but we are here to tell, YOU CAN GET HAIR CLIENTS FASTER IN 2020!

Will it take some work? Yes! Will it take some time? Yes! Will it be easy? NO! Truth is if it was easy, everyone would have more hair clients than they could handle. That’s never the case until you’ve put in the work. With that being said, are there ways to get your name out there faster? We’re glad you asked! Most definitely there is.


Google is still the driving force of all business.

How to build a salon clientele fast 2019With billions of users each month, it’s no surprise Google is king. Not Facebook, Not Instagram. These days mediums such as FB and Instagram are becoming more and more saturated. Customers have become immune to the endless ADS and sales pitches they receive every time they view their feed. But getting on Google is too hard and it’s impossible to rank on the first page. Right? Wrong! What makes a person or company rank on the first page of Google? Great question. It really doesn’t matter about how big the company is or how long the company has been around. This is a misconception and has little to do with how Google ranks a business. Here’s the answer: Content!


How your content will get you on Google’s first page…

Studies show articles that contain an average of 2000 words consistently rank on Google’s first page. That’s right. We know what some of you may be thinking right now… You may have a website that has more than 2000 words and you’re still not ranking on Google’s first page. Did you know Google favors large websites? It’s true. When you’re searching for products, you get Amazon, or when searching for a restaurant or hotel, you get YELP. Why is it that you get those sites and not individual company websites? Short answer: They are lacking in content compared to bigger content-filled sites. It all comes back to content! Of course there are other factors, but for the most part, it’s all about content!

Why you don’t need a WEBSITE to get on Google’s first page…

While it’s certainly a good practice to have your own website, it’s not necessary to get ranked on Google’s first page. If you’re expanding and looking to brand personal websites are ideal! How can you get on Google without a website? Simply put: You join a third party site. Not just any third-party site.  A third-party site that optimizes you for Google, a third-party site that gives you the ability to customize and upload unlimited content. Does a third-party site like this exist? It does… Welcome to

Welcome to the future of all Beauty Professional searches

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How to build a salon clientele fast 2019

How we get you on Google’s first page faster…

We allow you to create unlimited breath-taking one-page websites on our platform. Upload unlimited content on one of the most user-friendly, most advanced sites ever built! At we will OPTIMIZE your content, INDEX your content, and SUBMIT your content to Google. We get you ranked on Google faster… Guaranteed!


Optimized vs Non-Optimized


How to build a salon clientele fast 2019


How to build a salon clientele fast 2019