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Exclusive Platform & Service

A NEW platform & service concept that gives Suite Locations an advantage over competing locations. We construct ``Top Best Lists`` that are EXCLUSIVELY tied to your location.

ATTRACT SP's like never before

Our service places your Suite Location at the forefront of ALL suites in the city! Your Suite location will be the busiest in the city among service clients and the most sought-after salon suite amongst Salon Professionals.

Not only attract, RETAIN

These ``Top Best Lists`` gain popularity very quickly with local Salon Professionals due to the endless amounts of opportunities it provides for them IF THEY ARE RENTING FROM YOU.

Our Service Attracts Salon Professionals To Your Location Over The Competition

Heading into 2021, We give you the edge over all competing Salon Suites

1. ATTRACT Salon Professionals like never before

In time, what happens is, the Salon Professionals discover this extraordinary presence on search engines (that only your Suite Location provides) and inevitably want to be inside your location where all the action is taking place.

2. You’ll have a HUGE RECRUITING ADVANTAGE over the competitors

When Salon Professionals seek to move locations, they go onto search engines to see which Salon Suite is offering SOMETHING DIFFERENT, the most popular, has the best deals, and suites available, etc.

3. Give the GIFT of endless opportunity

Salon Professionals ULTIMATELY care about one thing and one thing only, OPPORTUNITY! When you choose BeautyProsNEARME, your Salon Professionals get the whole package. Futuristic Business Page platform, top security, the best SEO and a dedicated support team to help along the way.

4. We only serve a single Suite location per city

That’s right! At BeautyProsNEARME, we serve a single Suite Location in each city. This makes our service EXCLUSIVE to our participating Suite Location and their Salon Professionals.

5. LIVE SUPPORT 7 DAYS A WEEK (Even on Holidays)

Our 7-Day-365 LIVE Support Team is always on hand to help along the way. We never stop working for you and your SP’s!

A Support Team That Never Stops Working For You

Our Online Support Team Works 7 Days A Week, Even On All Major Holidays.

Frequently asked questions

No. Not even close! We are the only Beauty Professional marketing platform and service that serves as a MEMBER-ONLY site.

At BeautyProsNEARME.com , we kept a strong focus on everyone’s budget. The total cost to Franchise owners is $499 for the entire year. No contract, No hidden fees, and ZERO price increases over time.

Live Support is included free of charge 365 days a year.

The answer is, no. We keep things simple for Suite/Franchise owners by offering a simple monthly or annual plan that can be canceled any time, for any reason.

Salon Professionals pay nothing for our services, and they never will. Suite/Franchise owners cover all the cost and therefore have control.